Christine and Tiffani Skating and Rideau Canal Engagement

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Chris & Tiff were the winners of our giveaway and learned that they had won while traveling to St Lucia! They met playing hockey on the same team, shortly after Tiffani had moved to Ottawa from BC, and a skating engagement session seemed perfectly fitted for this amazing couple!

Their engagement session was supposed to take place on the canal, but with the canal only opened for 18 days this season – the shortest amount of time on records – we couldn’t schedule a session during the few days it did open. Instead, we went to Ottawa City Hall for nice skating session on the perfectly chilled rink. Obviously it was a lot more crowded than the 7.8km canal would have been, but the ice was perfect and it made for a fun skating session nonetheless.

Chris and Tiff were in their element on the ice and you could tell that they were having a great time and enjoying each other’s company. After breaking two of the four rules of the rink (by jumping over the side and bringing their hockey sticks on the ice), Chris re-enacted how she proposed to Tiff on New Year’s Eve!

After the skate, we went for a walk by the Ottawa canal and by the Ottawa National Art Center where the light was warm and the view of the Parliament building and Chateau Laurier just magical in the perfect light. You could feel fell their chemistry and how much they love and care for each other! They were so full of joy and happiness that you can’t help but smile when you are with them! It was such a treat to have the pleasure and privilege to photograph and document their love at this stage in their life!

I loved photographing those two, their love is so genuine it can't help to make you smile! They have decided to delay getting married to enjoy the time they are together. Their wedding will likely be an intimate affair with close friends and family. I can't wait to follow along on their journey!