David and Julie Arboretum and Experimental Farm Engagement

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Julie & David were one of our website launch giveaway winners! David proposed before Christmas. David asked if she wanted an early Christmas gift and she poked around the tree and saw a filter ornament with a heart between two question marks, she froze, grabbed the ornament and turned it over to see “will you marry me Julie” hand written on the other side. She was in shock! Julie turned around and Dave was on one knee with the ring, and of course she said yes!

We spent our afternoon photographing their engagement at the arboretum and the experimental farm. Julie used to go sliding at the arboretum when she was a child. So it was a great place for me to photograph their engagement session!

It is also a great place to walk a dog. They have a 90 pounds dog named Abacus, and during our time together, you could really see their love for big dogs when dogs walked passed us at the arboretum.

They met at a Redblacks game and both love a different NFL team. So they wanted to wear their team’s hat for some pictures. Julie’s team is the Pittsburgh’s Steelers and David’s favourite team is the San Francisco 49ers.

They are considering a destination wedding and getting married abroad next winter.


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