I Believe


I Believe...

I believe that epic love stories are made of a million of small amazing moments, the dancing and twirling in the kitchen, the “I got you coffee in the morning” and the cuddles on the couch watching our favourite shows. I believe in garden parties and low-key evenings with friends. I believe in lazy summer days by the water. I believe in seaside and garden weddings. I believe in happy puppies and giggles. I believe that great light and genuine emotions and laughter in photographs are so much more important than pretty backgrounds.  I believe in timeless imagery and the power of printed photographs that are passed down for generations. I believe that children that see and feel their parents’ love printed on their wall will value and seek great love stories. I believe in marrying your best friend and happy couples in love. I believe in spending as much time with your soon to be husband on your wedding day and for that reason I believe in the power and amazingness of the first look. I believe that family comes first. I believe that every story is worth telling, and although I LOVE pretty weddings, I believe in great marriages. I believe in true love that last a lifetime and marriages that goes the distance. I believe in road trips and village exploring, and that travel nourishes your soul. I believe in exploring new cultures and traditions, so that we can create our own family traditions and leave our own legacy behind to the next generations. This is why I believe in the importance of heirloom wedding albums that get past down generations, so that your legacy of love is shared when they are turning the pages and feel how much you always loved each other, inspiring your grandchildren to love genuinely.